General Dentistry

Dental Exam

The secret to a bright, healthy smile is actually no secret at all: brush, floss and get a professional dental exam at least once every six months. Professional dental exams are all about prevention – preventing existing problems from getting worse and preventing dental problems from developing in the future. Regular dental exams make it possible to identify and treat a problem in its earliest stage – which is not only good for your oral health but also good for your budget!

There's nothing to fear with a dental exam. Your teeth will be visually examined for signs of plaque, tartar and tooth decay. Your gums will also be examined for puffiness or discoloration, which are signs of gum disease. A full set of dental X-rays may also be taken during your dental exam, to enable your dentist to see below the surfaces of your teeth. Dental exams typically end with a dental cleaning, to remove surface stains and buildup.

Digital Dental X-Ray

Dental X-rays have come a long way. Todays dental X-rays are safer, faster, more comfortable and more informative than the X-rays of years past. Digital X-rays, one of the latest and most advanced dental technologies, produce high-quality images of your teeth that can be viewed instantly by you and your dentist on a LCD monitor. Digital X-rays reduce radiation by up to 90% and provide exceptional diagnostic information to ensure that potential problems are caught in their earliest stages. Intraoral photography is another alternative to traditional dental X-rays. With intraoral photography, problems such as cavities, fractures and discolorations in the teeth are captured through clear and sharp photographic images that are taken with a 35mm or digital camera.

Teeth Cleaning

No matter how often you brush and floss, plaque and tartar deposits can still build up on your teeth. A professional teeth cleaning is the single most effective way to remove these deposits and prevent them from causing more serious problems in the future. While a traditional teeth cleaning involves manually scraping away these deposits with special dental tools, advances in dental technologies now give you more options for teeth cleanings.

A laser teeth cleaning, also known as an ultrasonic cleaning, is a popular alternative to traditional teeth cleanings. With a laser teeth cleaning, an ultrasonic scaler (rather than a manual probe) is used to remove deposits, kill harmful microbes and eliminate bacteria around the teeth and gums through high-frequency sound waves. Many patients find laser teeth cleanings more comfortable than traditional teeth cleanings because they are quicker, quieter and pain-free.

A deep cleaning may be recommended if excessive plaque and tartar deposits have developed below the gum line. Deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing, involve a two-part process: first, the stubborn deposits are removed, and then the root surfaces are smoothened. A deep cleaning helps prevent periodontal disease and restores gum tissues to a healthy state.

Velscope® Oral Cancer Screening

Dental 1 is committed to the health and well being of all our patients, which is why we routinely use the VELscope Oral Cancer detection light at each six-month hygienist appointment at no added charge. We also offer this free service to any patient family member or friend, even if not a patient in our office.

White Fillings

If your silver fillings make you feel self conscious when you smile, or it's simply time to replace them, consider white fillings. White fillings are just as durable as they are attractive! Made of composite resin, white fillings match the natural color of your teeth and are an excellent option for small to mid-sized cavities. White fillings are strong, stain-resistant and require less removal of your tooth structure than amalgam fillings.

Valplast® Dentures & Partials

Valplast acrylic is an advanced material that offers metal-free, highly aesthetic dentures and partial dentures. They are lightweight, have no visible grey metal clasps, and are guaranteed unbreakable under normal use.

Endodontics - Root ZX | Rotary Endodontics | Wave 1 Rotary System

Root canals get a bad wrap. But don't believe the rumors; the dreaded root canal isn't dreadful at all! Root canals are needed when either decay or an injury infects the inner tooth (the pulp). In the earliest stages of infection, you may not feel any pain at all. But when it progresses, you could have a toothache and swelling, or a dental abscess might form. Root canals remove the infection and prevent it from spreading. Thanks to laser root canals, this process is faster, more comfortable and, in many cases, more thorough than conventional root canals. Pulp capping is an alternative to root canals that are used when the infection has yet to penetrate the pulp. Pulp capping can also prevent a large dental filling from getting too close to the nerve.

STA "The Wand"

Milestone Scientific STA uses a tiny needle in placeof the large traditional metal syringe needle for precise,computer controlled anesthesia. By numbing only the one tooth necessary, it eliminates numb lips, tongues, cheeks, and nose for greater comfort during and after your dental care is completed.

The anesthetic is delivered is a more precise pressure regulated manner than is generally possible by hand. For anyone that fears the traditional dental needle, it is a truly a dream come true.

Since the STA computer uses a one piece micro needle, clear tube, disposable delivery system, a small $8.50 hazardous waste and disposables charge is assessed whenever used. It is optional and normal novacaine delivery is always available. We believe once you try it, you will never go back to traditional needles again.

Mouthguards (Agility Guard) Exclusive Provider

As a Las Vegas Institute (LVI) trained Neuromuscular Dental office, Dental 1 is pleased to offer the Makkar PPM™ (Power Performance Mouthguard). The PPM is specifically designed to correct for improper bite, jaw position, and alignment, resulting in improved posture and athletic performance. Used by many professional athletes, the PPM is now available at Dental 1 to performance-driven athletes of all ages.

Sedation Dentistry

Ever wish you could sail through dental visits without anxiety or fear? Would you rather endure an agonizing toothache than go to the dentist? Answering “yes” to these questions could mean that you're a perfect candidate for sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, you can forget about fear and focus on pure relaxation.

There are different levels of sedation to accommodate every patient. Minimal sedation involves inhaling nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”). Nitrous oxide helps you relax and wears off quickly.


T Scan Bite Analysis (Tek Scan)

Dental Writer Software

Sleep Apnea Appliances

Sleep Apnea If you wake up feeling groggy every morning, or have a difficult time concentrating throughout the day, you could have sleep apnea. Apnea is Greek for “without breath.” People who suffer from sleep apnea literally stop breathing while they sleep, for about 5-15 seconds at a time. Sleep apnea is one of the leading causes of chronic sleep deprivation, daytime sleepiness and poor concentration and can lead to more serious conditions if left untreated.

Sleep apnea can be treated in a number of ways. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is one of the most common treatments, but many patients have a difficult time adapting to the bulky CPAP mask. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Sleep apnea dentists offer comfortable and effective alternatives minus the bulk. Our dental devices open the airway to ensure that you breathe properly while sleeping and can, finally, get a good night’s rest.

Spa Room

Our uniquely "spa" room is probably our Most unique offering here in Bristol. It was built with one purpose only. To make your trip to the Dentist unlike any other before. Relax, enjoy a massage in our custom built massage chair importedfrom Japan and unlike any found in the area.

Our INADA ROBOSTIC D-5 chair uses internal sensors to locate exact anatomical points for any body type and provides the closest thing to a human massageever created. Had a tough day? Just come in for a massage .No Dentistry required!!